Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Front Teeth

Ryan's mouth made room for his adult front teeth weeks ago and his baby teeth were hanging on by the tiniest thread for EVER. It was driving everyone crazy! All week long at our family reunion different people offered to wiggle, pull and pay him $$ to get those teeth out!! Finally at Kings Dominion I pulled a fast one on him and grabbed it with a napkin and yanked it out. It bled a ton but there were so many cheering fans, he laughed and thought it was great because Aunt Christen promised him $5 if he lost it that day.

Then Jared tried the same trick at our cabin the next day. No adoring fans and no aunts & uncles handing over money. I love this picture of him after Jared did the dirty deed. He was not happy with dad. His tooth-less grin is worth a million bucks. I wish it would last forever.


Dixie said...

I can't believe I missed seeing him lose his tooth. I gave that thing a good yank at skyline drive!

Kimberli said...

That is such an amazing photo with blood running down his chin. I'm glad he was happy about it. I do love those toothless grins for awhile. They are so precious.

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

I love that happy, bloody smile, and that not so happy, concerned smile. So cute.