Monday, July 16, 2012

25 Random Acts of Kindness

Dixie really gets the credit for today. For her birthday this year she announced that she was planning to do 25 random acts of kindness to celebrate and invited anyone so inclined to join her. The kids and I decided this morning at scriptures that it sounded fun so we brainstormed what we could do, looked up a few ideas online and printed these cute tags I had tagged on pinterest several months ago. We attached a notecard to all our items, in hope that others will "pay it forward". Here is what we did:

  • Left a water bottle & granola bar in our mailbox for the mail carrier
  • Gave a $2 off your grocery order to a lady in Kroger
  • Taped baggies of quarters to drink machines
  • Dropped off a case of gatorade to the fire station
  • Left a container of baby wipes and a few diapers on a changing table in a public bathroom
  • Took a treat to the librarians 
  • Ran into the missionaries and gave them some gatorade too!
  • Taped a baggie of quarters to a gum ball machine
  • Taped dollar bills all around Dollar Tree (mostly in the toy isle)
  • Distributed smiley face balloons to people in the parking lot
  • Gave some granola bars and quarters to a homeless fellow
  • Dropped off a load of donations at Goodwill (not so random, but still kind - right?!)
  • Paid for the car behind us in the Wendy's drive-thru
I was so impressed with my kids. I thought they would be too shy to approach strangers but they really got into the spirit and were really brave! We said a little prayer as we headed out that we would find people who really needed a bit of kindness and I think we did. I loved seeing the faces of the people we surprised in the parking lot with the balloons. The Wendy's employee was totally confused, but once she understood what we were doing she agreed and we watched her hand the lady behind us one of our cards and the kids were all waving wildly at her like she was our long lost cousin. They really wanted me to drive back around town to see if our change baggies were gone from the drink machines and they were especially funny in Dollar Tree, taping their $1 bills around. There were a couple Asian women shopping and one stopped and looked at one of the dollars and read the card but didn't pick it up and that worried them. I assured them that soon enough some kids would find them and put them to good use. It was such a great couple hours. Grace kept saying "Dixie wants us to help people!" In the end we gave away 24 cards - plus the goodwill bags which equals 25 happy birthday wishes for Dixie!!!! 


Dixie said...

That is so AWESOME!! I especially love Gracie's comment :) I honestly had such a great birthday. One of the best I've had in quite a few years. I may not do it every year but I think giving away balloons to little kids might be a birthday tradition for our family now. It was so fun.

Jennifer said...

So cute! What an awesome idea! Looks like a great idea for Family Night! Glad I saw your post on Facebook, thanks for sharing.

Kimberli said...

Wow! I think this is such an great idea. I would never have thought of the things you did. I think I want to save this idea for Christmas time. I always want to do something that get the kids thinking of someone else instead of themselves. Your kids will remember this forever. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Maces Faces said...

YEAH!!! Thanks for posting. We found something similar and plan to do this next week, thanks to you and Dixie for helping us with our spirit of Paying it forward!

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

That is so cool. You guys did a great job.