Friday, June 22, 2012

Elementary School Graduate!

5th Grade graduation was actually really cute. A student from each class read a speech about their years in elementary school, they gave out lots of awards and the music teacher had them sing some cute songs. My favorite was the "we go together..." song from Grease. I loved it because they did the hand motions and totally got into it and I know that is the last time those boys will stand up in front of a crowd and sing like that. Middle schoolers just don't do that. Gwen looks so grown up in this picture. She's such a fun, smart, helpful girl. She is growing up, darn it all.

Gwen and her best friend from school.

 Honor Roll, "diploma" and a surprise math award!

Gwen decorated the basement and was waiting for the boys to get home and come to her end of the school year dance party. 


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Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

She is so grown up, and beautiful and smart. She will do great in middle school.