Friday, June 22, 2012

Beach Week 2012

Ah... the beach. We missed you last year and it was so good to be back. We spent the first week of summer on the Outer Banks in NC with great friends, the Mace family and our Enciso cousins. It was such a fun week! We had a few great beach days and a few windy, riptide days but we can't complain. There was loads of boogie boarding, movie watching, board game playing, eating, reading, sitting in the sunshine and laughing. I'm still laughing at some of our conversations, we solved many of the world's problems and came up with several million dollar ideas. 

The pictures (with the exception of a few lousy ones from my iphone are all courtesy of the wonderful Kim Mace - thank you!) I have zero desire to be a photographer so these great photos are a treat. 

It was a 2 cart trip to Sams - we did not go hungry!
The water in June is a bit chilly but no one was complaining.

Maggie & Gwen 

Noah, Logan & Ryan catching a wave

Lovin that smile

The big boys had an intense game of 500 in the ocean 

This one is my favorite. Noah, Logan & Ryan - the 3 amigos.

The satisfaction of a good wave.

Soaking it up.

The fort.

The first wave to fill the moat is so thrilling, but before long it's all washing away.

Despite the obvious red, NO SWIMMING flags these two yahoos couldn't stay out of the big waves. Until the lifeguard removed them.

Crazy windy.

The crew (minus Sir Sleeps Alot, aka David & Kalin)
Gwen, Sadie & Maggie 

Josh took one for the team and drove his suburban out on the 4WD beach so we could see the wild ponies.  All 7 little kids piled in the back and bounced and laughed the entire way. And just when we had given up hope of finding any ponies we came upon these 4. Loved it!

 I really wanted a picture of myself ON the beach WITH the wild ponies. This was the best we could do - pretty hilarious. It's like a weird growth out of my head.

What a great bunch of kids.

Zonked out after a day at the beach. This little gal was missing some sleep and it showed.

Becky & me at dinner -  we had the BEST shrimp and grits there.  

Obviously, this is one of the crappy iphone pics - but Josh, Kim, Becky, me, Jared - all fat and happy after a delicious dinner.
The week went by entirely too fast - I'm ready to go again.


Camilla said...

What a great trip!

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

I love all those pictures, especially the one with the horse coming out of your head.:) Awesome! I hope we can come next year.