Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gwen's 5K

Gwen participated in Girls on the Run again this spring. She loved it, but I like to tell people she did "Girls on the Walk & Talk" more than she ran. I tried to set some goals with her at the beginning of the season, made a chart, you know the type-A mom stuff, but she was clearly uninterested. She loves being with her friends and I love that she's made so many nice friends through the program, so I can't complain and quit bugging her about her efforts.

In the fall she ran the 5K with friends and they took their time coming in around 45 minutes, so imagine my surprise when the 3 of them coming running down the finishing shoot at 35 minutes! They decided at the starting line to stick together and one (the one who actually trained throughout the season) said she wasn't going to let them slow her down, so they pushed themselves and did it! I was pretty impressed and loved seeing how happy they were with their effort. I hope it's a feeling that will stick with them for a long time.

Brandy came to the race to cheer her big cousin and she was so funny. We cheered right at the finish line and Brandy told my mom that my her "woo-hoos" were embarrassing her. She finally caught on and did some yelling herself, but the best was her dinner prayer that night. I quote "and thank you that Gwen is the best and fastest and she won and bless that we can know how hard Gwen worked and she is the best" and on and on. Doesn't everyone want a cheerleader like that?!


Camilla said...

yes, i want a cheerleader like that. congrats to Gwen!! my boys are supposedly doing a little tini triathlon this summer and i'm kind of nervous about it. i think i might have to do it with them.

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Wow! That is fast. Sadly, that is only 3 min slower than my first 5k. Good job, Gwen.