Sunday, May 6, 2012

first swimming hole of the year

We found a new favorite hike last week. It's so short it hardly qualifies as a hike, but the kids begged to do it again this weekend and they had a great time again, this time Dad got to come along too. They found lots of good swimming holes and our van seats are still moist from the ride home since we didn't have any towels. I'm excited for lots more hiking this summer, and I'm sure we'll be back for more dips in this fun creek. And next time we'll know to bring towels.

Ryan, the beaver

It is so easy for me to get stuck on all the fighting that seems to happen throughout the course of a day, but they really have lots of fun times together. Last Sunday they spent hours and hours in these homemade "hammocks" playing sailors. They crack me up when they aren't making me pull out my hair.

I think this was the same day that within an hour I went from "Mom, you are the very best mom EVER" to "you are the worst mom in the world! (slamming door)". I love it. Seriously, it's the best job ever and these four kids are perfect for me, they are teaching me and stretching me and helping me become a better person with every slammed door and sweet hug. 


cam said...

I looked through your blog today. It made me smile. How I loved parenting next to you. I am glad we can blog so I can still gleen from your genius! I love you so dearly!

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

That does look like a really nice hike.