Sunday, April 22, 2012


We love visitors! And cousins are pretty much the best (next to grandparents, of course). We had so much fun, I had to post a few more pictures from our weekend with the Bentleys. Come back soon! 

 Waiting in line for a SCARY ride!

 Walking, walking, walking. Seriously perfect weather all day.

Bumper cars are always lots of giggles (just ask the 2 large women I watched squish into a car together - I was afraid someone was going to wet their pants they were laughing SO hard. But maybe that only happens in my family). These two cuties did not disappoint, they were so funny.

Gotta get a shot with Snoopy.


 Thanks Aunt Wendy!!!

 Our fav park in the city (is actually a cemetery).

 But it has the coolest swing and great hide and seek spots.

Even the "big" boys had to get a turn. And, no that is NOT a fat joke.

 Love these guys (and gal!) Erica, why didn't we make you get in on the photo shoot?!

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Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

So great. It makes me jealous to see them there with you guys.