Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Week

Grace turned 3!!! Can you believe it?! I can’t. She is such a funny gal. She loves to tag along with her big brothers & sister. Loves pink everything, riding her bike, littlest pet shops, dora & diego and sleeping with her 7 pacifiers. She does not like kisses, nap time, or healthy food with the exception of fruits and hummus.


Her requested “pink stripes" cake.


Ryan is 7!!! He and G’pa Mike almost share a birthday, close enough to have a birthday breakfast celebration together.


Ryan still loves Star Wars, everything his big brother Noah likes, loves to cuddle and is generally an extremely happy guy. He doesn’t like tomatoes or onions and is petrified of spooky Halloween decorations, Ebenezer Scrooge and the Elf on the Shelf. He keeps us laughing.


We had a great time celebrating with my parents. My kids love their grandparents and I love having my parents come stay. They entertain the kids and have meaningful talks with them late into the night. They see my kids behaving normally (fighting, screaming, etc…) and still love them and reassure me that they are good kids and that I am doing a good job as a mom. Come back soon!


Everyone’s favorite Christina being a sport and blowing up a GIANT balloon.


That turns out to be perfect for indoor baseball with the also giant swords Ryan got for his birthday. Exactly what I was thinking when I bought it.


Gwen on the Run


This fall Gwen joined an afterschool running club - Girls on the Run. We thought it would be a good way to meet new friends in our school, but none of us were too sure about the running part. Gwen ran all season with her big ‘ole cast and got it off just in time for the big race in November. I loved this program that taught life lessons along with running. They had weekly lessons on positive thinking, peer pressure, body image… but most of all they had a blast together!


The race was huge – 600 girls plus parents and coaching running. Gwen was so cool about it all, I love to see my kids try new things with more confidence than I have as an adult.


Cute friends.


Not in it to win it, but they kept moving and smiling the whole time! Can’t wait until the spring season!



the pumpkins


the witches’ brew


the costumes


the best friends


the candy

Still playing catch up…


Grandpa & Grandma Pelo came for a visit over General Conference weekend. Grandpa enjoying watching conference with Grace (wearing headphones so he can hear the speaker and not the noisy kids!).


Grandma started a new Saturday conference tradition – apple pie!



Cousins Jeremy & Haley came to visit for a weekend and we had fun showing them around and just hanging out.


Noah worked around the house and saved and bought his bike! He’s very proud of it. If I could figure out how to edit video I’d post a great one of him explaining all the different features (pegs, hand brakes, etc…)