Monday, November 21, 2011

Summer Recap



Residency graduation and a final farewell to UVA.

P1010961_thumb[2]   P1010959_thumb[2]

A wet hike on a hot day (Moormans River).


And the summer ended with a bang (more precisely, a break):


Gwen’s broken arm is really a post all it’s own, but here is the condensed version. She crashed her bike on our new, crazy steep driveway. Compound fracture (thank goodness Jared was home) middle of the night surgery, 2 pins and bright blue cast. Followed by a green cast, followed by a purple cast, followed by a tie-dye cast and finally a white, half cast. Yep, that would total 14 weeks in a cast! One surgery, one “manipulation” to re-break and straighten it and one super optimistic, can-do attitude. She’s been awesome, still in a splint and still smiling!


Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

I love all the pictures. I've been thinking a lot about getting back into my blog as well. I miss having that record of my family.

cam said...

I'm glad you posted again MA. I have missed seeing you and yours. I loved your pictures. My heart aches a little for missing you.