Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Break

We always have spring break around Easter, which makes for lots of fun. This year Jared was off too and we decided to head to DC.

Before we left town, we had an egg hunt with some friends. It was perfect, everyone had plenty of sugar to eat and whistles to blow for the 5 hour drive (yes, it took us 5 hours to get to DC. I don’t know how people can stand to live in the city with that nasty traffic).


P1010774         P1010775


Everyone tucked in to the hotel bed. We decided this might be the last time we can squeeze into one room. We really need the adjoining room for these jokers, there was a LOT of wrestling going on.


Jared and I took turns going to the temple. While Jared was at the temple, I took the kids to see a movie – HOP. So super dumb, but it kept us busy during the drizzly morning.

dc temple

As we were leaving the temple, the rain stopped and the weather was gorgeous. Perfect temps, perfect breeze, warm sunshine! First we drove to the zoo: zoo open, parking lots full. So we decided to head downtown to the monuments. Found a great parking spot, did a ton of walking and had a really fabulous day. My 2 new favorites are the FDR and the WWII. We had lots of good discussion about freedom and war and I loved every minute of it. If it weren’t for the blasted traffic, I would do it more often.