Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Love Prunes

I love prunes 001 (800x582)

Another great find in the art room. Funny for so many reasons. We do love prunes, it’s true. Many members of our family NEED to eat prunes on a regular basis (including the artist) and luckily, everyone enjoys them. I was laughing over the picture and showed it to Jared who immediately took offense. I was surprised. “You think this is supposed to be you?!” And well friends, I didn’t see it at first but I think he might be right. And I CAN NOT STOP LAUGHING.


Amy said...

I can't stop laughing either. That is so funny.

Dixie said...

That is hilarious!!!! They did capture a bit of a likeness of Jared on the right....the left looks a little like Dad though.

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

That is killing me, so funny. I think the likeness is striking. Of course that is Jared!