Saturday, April 9, 2011

Conference Commandments April 2011

Everyone contributed two commandments from general conference. My kids impressed me this year.

1. Have righteous desires

2. Pay tithing & blessings will come

3. "TO BE" rather than "TO DO"

4. Care for the poor

5. Think of the temple

6. Serve others

7. Honor women

8. Get married

9. Act so that others are reminded of Christ

10. Be willing to share the gospel


Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

All excellent. We get a few from priesthood as well, since Kenneth and Ian attend that. Here are our 7.
-Follow the prophet.
-Families should work together.
-Grow a strong testimony by doing the basics.
-Be kind.
-Have your "do it switch" on now.
-Just BE it.
-Don't live below your privileges.

Mychael-Ann said...

I love the do it switch. That is good. Thanks for sharing yours!

Iv said...

cute new blog background! tell me about these lists - they sound great. we're still listening to the sessions here and loving it.

Allen Family said...

Cute idea with making lists. I love that. Wasn't conference awesome? It looked ridiculously cold, but the messages were great :) loves, Jes