Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Love Prunes

I love prunes 001 (800x582)

Another great find in the art room. Funny for so many reasons. We do love prunes, it’s true. Many members of our family NEED to eat prunes on a regular basis (including the artist) and luckily, everyone enjoys them. I was laughing over the picture and showed it to Jared who immediately took offense. I was surprised. “You think this is supposed to be you?!” And well friends, I didn’t see it at first but I think he might be right. And I CAN NOT STOP LAUGHING.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mr. Madison’s Garden







The large, walled garden at Montpelier is one of our favorite spots. We often have it all to ourselves. The rows of ancient boxwoods have a tunnel inside big enough for a grownup to walk through, there is a Dancing Lawn, Magnolias perfect for climbing and is the best place ever for hide and seek. Last night we had a hard time leaving. We rolled and jumped and hid and found and spun and climbed and ran and had the best time.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

organizing photos & found these

P1010637Gwen & Aunt Becky singing together


P1010648 fun with wigs

P1010686cooking with mom

P1010683cookies for sweet sixteen party

P1010650story time with great grandpa

P1010688pucker up

Conference Commandments April 2011

Everyone contributed two commandments from general conference. My kids impressed me this year.

1. Have righteous desires

2. Pay tithing & blessings will come

3. "TO BE" rather than "TO DO"

4. Care for the poor

5. Think of the temple

6. Serve others

7. Honor women

8. Get married

9. Act so that others are reminded of Christ

10. Be willing to share the gospel