Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Just walked past the laundry room one day and saw this. The camera happened to be sitting nearby on the piano so I documented it, chuckling to myself about all the strange things a mom comes across, all the incriminating evidence left behind.


House Of P said...

LOL! I saw the title of your post on my google reader and thought that you may have posted a yummy recipe. Definately "yum" though, said with the proper inflection in my voice.

Allen Family said...

This is hillarious! And totally gaggy all at once. It's so true that as a mom you deal with things you really never thought you'd have to. I can't believe Grace is 2! Wow. So you guys are proud owners of the Lego Star Wars Dictionary too, huh? Park got it for Christmas. He loves it. I think Lex does too, secretly. Hope you guys are good. loves, Jes

Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

That does look tasty and I bet it helps her have a shiny coat.:)