Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Week

Grace turned 3!!! Can you believe it?! I can’t. She is such a funny gal. She loves to tag along with her big brothers & sister. Loves pink everything, riding her bike, littlest pet shops, dora & diego and sleeping with her 7 pacifiers. She does not like kisses, nap time, or healthy food with the exception of fruits and hummus.


Her requested “pink stripes" cake.


Ryan is 7!!! He and G’pa Mike almost share a birthday, close enough to have a birthday breakfast celebration together.


Ryan still loves Star Wars, everything his big brother Noah likes, loves to cuddle and is generally an extremely happy guy. He doesn’t like tomatoes or onions and is petrified of spooky Halloween decorations, Ebenezer Scrooge and the Elf on the Shelf. He keeps us laughing.


We had a great time celebrating with my parents. My kids love their grandparents and I love having my parents come stay. They entertain the kids and have meaningful talks with them late into the night. They see my kids behaving normally (fighting, screaming, etc…) and still love them and reassure me that they are good kids and that I am doing a good job as a mom. Come back soon!


Everyone’s favorite Christina being a sport and blowing up a GIANT balloon.


That turns out to be perfect for indoor baseball with the also giant swords Ryan got for his birthday. Exactly what I was thinking when I bought it.


Gwen on the Run


This fall Gwen joined an afterschool running club - Girls on the Run. We thought it would be a good way to meet new friends in our school, but none of us were too sure about the running part. Gwen ran all season with her big ‘ole cast and got it off just in time for the big race in November. I loved this program that taught life lessons along with running. They had weekly lessons on positive thinking, peer pressure, body image… but most of all they had a blast together!


The race was huge – 600 girls plus parents and coaching running. Gwen was so cool about it all, I love to see my kids try new things with more confidence than I have as an adult.


Cute friends.


Not in it to win it, but they kept moving and smiling the whole time! Can’t wait until the spring season!



the pumpkins


the witches’ brew


the costumes


the best friends


the candy

Still playing catch up…


Grandpa & Grandma Pelo came for a visit over General Conference weekend. Grandpa enjoying watching conference with Grace (wearing headphones so he can hear the speaker and not the noisy kids!).


Grandma started a new Saturday conference tradition – apple pie!



Cousins Jeremy & Haley came to visit for a weekend and we had fun showing them around and just hanging out.


Noah worked around the house and saved and bought his bike! He’s very proud of it. If I could figure out how to edit video I’d post a great one of him explaining all the different features (pegs, hand brakes, etc…)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Summer Recap



Residency graduation and a final farewell to UVA.

P1010961_thumb[2]   P1010959_thumb[2]

A wet hike on a hot day (Moormans River).


And the summer ended with a bang (more precisely, a break):


Gwen’s broken arm is really a post all it’s own, but here is the condensed version. She crashed her bike on our new, crazy steep driveway. Compound fracture (thank goodness Jared was home) middle of the night surgery, 2 pins and bright blue cast. Followed by a green cast, followed by a purple cast, followed by a tie-dye cast and finally a white, half cast. Yep, that would total 14 weeks in a cast! One surgery, one “manipulation” to re-break and straighten it and one super optimistic, can-do attitude. She’s been awesome, still in a splint and still smiling!

Road Trip

P1020016   P1020014

VA to CO to UT to NE to VA. Old school style (notice no electronic devices?!). I like this picture of the kids because it accurately captures their travel personalities. Grace is occupied with her toes for hours on end, Gwen must be eating or drinking at ALL times and of course, Noah is harassing Ryan in the back seat.

P1020024   P1020026P1020027   P1020028

Is there a better way to stretch your legs during a long travel day than 4 wheeler rides with Uncle Alan? It was so fun to pit stop in Rangely, CO to visit Jared’s sister, Alison. I just love the big smile on Alan’s face after scaring Gwen to death during her turn.



Beautiful Colorado! The weather and the mountains were absolutely gorgeous while we were there. Took a great hike with cousins in the mountains and ate lots of cherries (thanks to my awesome sister Cori for the pics of Grace). My kids are incredibly lucky to have great grandparents, not to mention great grandmas who will swim and play in the pool with them! We spent a gorgeous Colorado day with Grandma Dodie at her pool during our stop-over in CO.

And while we spent the bulk of our trip having a great time in Utah – we have one single picture to prove it. Fire me! My only excuse is that we were just having too much fun to stop and pose for pictures. This is Grace and Eliza, Jared’s best friend’s daughter:


I really can’t believe I don’t have pictures of the family reunion – the slide contest at Scera pool (of course we are talking about the grown men), the minute-to-win-it games at FHE, the too-short reunions with old friends, BYU bookstore shopping trip, tubing and wake boarding (attempts) at the lake. Our week in Utah was so fun.

P1020041On our way home, we stopped in Omaha to see our beloved Sister Jenkins who was finishing up her mission at the Trail Center. She gave us the VIP tour.


On the road again with a prank for the sleeping passenger. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

an explanation

After a 4 month break from posting, I really debated shutting down the old blog for good. I don’t take great pictures (I hardly remember to take pictures at all!) and I’m not a witty writer with deep thoughts to share but I have missed documenting our happenings. I love having family members from far and near be able to sneak a peek at our lives but this blog is really just for us. It is my way of celebrating our kids and organizing pictures and doing a little journaling. Sorry for the posts full of old news as I play catch up.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Going Away Party

To ease the pain of moving and to bid farewell to all our friends I decided to throw a End of School / Going Away Party for us. It was SO much fun!!! Of course, I was busy chatting and handing out freeze pops and taking a turn down the giant slide (you know I did!) and so my pictures are lame, but the memories will live on for a long time around here. I am a terrible birthday party mom, but I think I might have redeemed myself. We set up a water gun battle station, a small bounce house for little guys, 3 baby pools, our tramp and the GIANT slide. I think the kids’ favorite part was getting to invite as many friends as they wanted.


For about an hour this slide was FULL of 5-10 year old boys – at least 20 of them, pushing and screaming and laughing and squishing each other. Jared had to hang out at the bottom for a while to make sure no one got trampled.



One little girl arrived and stood on the deck, gazing at the back yard, and asked “Are you RICH?!” I just laughed, but I was thinking - not really, but I do have a credit card.



It was so worth it. I can’t think of a time I have had more fun watching my kids laugh and play with their friends. I felt like it was a fitting way to thank the many families that have befriended us over the past 3 years. 


Sniff, sniff…

Monday, July 11, 2011

wild ride

We accidentally drove past the Fireman’s Fair on opening night and what choice did we have but to return the next afternoon? I promised my sister Cori some pictures:


P1010897  P1010901 

Notice the ominous looking clouds behind the tower? We still had tickets left! So we raced to the last ride and it started POURING right after Gwen and our cute cousin Ashlyn got buckled in the ride. My mom and I were huddled under one of the game tents and expected the girls to jump off and run to find us, but THEY STARTED THE RIDE!!!



I don’t know if you can tell how hard it is raining but the girls said the guy running the ride just laughed and watched them get soaked! We girls made a mad dash to the van, while the boys braved the storm in search of cotton candy.



Dear Cori – I’m sorry I said the fair was too redneck for me last year when you were in town. And, I’m sorry I didn’t get any good pictures of the local “wildlife” to share. Let’s make it a date – first weekend in June, 2012?!