Friday, November 12, 2010

A Picture Recap

The Richmond Children's Museum:

I wanted to stay in this shadow room and play and try to get some cool pictures, but no one would cooperate.

Driving the ambulance.

These little sticks were really fun. We spent a long time building with them.

Hermine Granger (I'm bummed I didn't take a picture of her on the night of the school carnival - we took the time to really give her frizzy hair and she looked so cute.)

Jedi Knights.

Our witches brew tradition lives on.

One day I will actually put some effort into grown-up costumes. This year I rummaged in the costume box and threw this on while the guests were literally walking in the door and my dad happened to have the leather get-up (came with a bike he recently bought). Our kids were just confused and kept asking who we were supposed to be. A nerd and a biker didn't impress.

Miss Smarty Pants:

And this is a terrible picture, but it is Gwen being recognized at last month's school board meeting for earning perfect 600's on her standardized tests last year. Of course, I hate those stupid tests and all they stand for, but I'm still proud of my girl. There were lots of kids recognized for getting a 600 on one or two sections but she was the only one in her school to get a perfect score on the whole thing.

And no post would be complete without some Grace pics:

Making all the kids laugh by sucking on her toes.

Enjoying a smoothie.

Josie needs a lick too.