Sunday, September 12, 2010

a few things

1. Friday was Jared’s birthday! He’s 29 ;). I love him like crazy.Jared

2. My kids started school this week. I won’t lie, on Tuesday I found myself humming It’s the most wonderful time of the year and when the bus pulled away I did a little dance. Jared was appalled, he was feeling sentimental about kids growing up but that is just proof that he isn’t home much. :)

The big morning:P1010316P1010310 P1010311 P1010312 Just relax and give me a NORMAL smile – impossible:P1010305

I am craving routine and order and I love new beginnings but I do miss those rascals from time to time throughout my day. Luckily, I still have rascal #4 to keep me company.

P1010288Does it look like she took this of herself? I just found it on the camera.  P1010300 Such a good rascally face.

3. The garden is all but dead. I can’t believe that it didn’t rain all summer! I still have a good crop of sweet potatoes to dig up, and I did get enough tomatoes in the last couple weeks for this:P1010286

I love canning, now I am on the hunt for cheap apples for applebutter & sauce. 

4. I have been listening to the same album now for weeks; Matt Kearny’s City of Black & White. I don’t keep up with cool, new artists but I am so happy when I happen upon something I really love. Download it and think of me, you will love it.

5. I went on my first run/walk/run in years. Felt so good and so bad. I am not converted to the gospel of exercise yet but I want to be. More than the pain it’s the time – I really hate the time that it takes out of my day! Once I start feeling the payoff I’m sure I’ll remember that it’s worth it.

6. My first action item after the kids went back to school was to do a house “walk-through”. I went through each room of our house and made a list of all the projects that needed to be done in each. Curtains to be sewn, walls repainted, pictures hung, shelves built… I filled two and a half pages of notebook paper. I do love a good list :).


sue said...

You are great, MA. Coming to your blog always seems to give me a to-do list, tho, and I'm less fond of to-do lists... Now you've got me thinking about walking around my house and making a list. Ahhh. Scary, scary stuff - my house-projects list is never ending, but getting-going will feel so good. Thanks for the inspiration (as usual!)

carrie said...

I love that picture of your kids and their fake smiles. So awesome. I love hearing from you. It always makes me so sad that we don't live close enough to hang out. I wish we could get our rascals together and organize our homes together.

Allen Family said...

I just read 3 posts I'd missed on your blog! Soooo cute! I absolutely loved the one of Gwen's notes! I think being over-critical has something to do with expecting a lot from your oldest. I find myself in that same boat with Parker all the time! Gwen is so dang pretty. She looks so old! But apparently, she doesn't want to don't tell her I said that :) It's been way too long since I chatted with you. Do you guys have a job set up? Do I even want to know? I have this feeling that "get togethers" with the Pelos are going to come in the form of airplane trips and possibly meeting somewhere on a cruise ship in the Bahamas...blah--I'd rather be able to have you over for a bbq any random day of the week. But rest assured, we'll take whatever we can get, I suppose! let me know what's up. love yer guts, jes

Cori said...

Love Grace!!!

And while I know it was a pain to have the camera in everyones face on Fathers day, those pictures are still my favorite! Jared looks so handsome.

And I'm gonna try to can tomatoes today....I wish you were here!

Jennifer said...

1. At first I believed you about Jared's age and then I thought, "Hold on a second."
2. This was the first year that the beginning of the school year was actually traumatic for me. That lasted almost a whole week where I didn't know how to function. I'm over that now and I'm LOVING IT! I love those pictures.
3.Good job on your garden and canning. I want to love it too.
4.I'm listening to Sara Bareilles' newest album.
5.I agree about the time. I didn't exercise while I was getting my house ready and it was amazing the amount of work I could get done if I didn't have to worry about exercise.
6.I'm totally going to do the walk through on a regular basis from now on. Good luck with that long list. I hope you are having fun with Dale and Renae.:)

cam said...

I love the darling rascally faces. Your kids are so beautiful.