Sunday, September 12, 2010

a few things

1. Friday was Jared’s birthday! He’s 29 ;). I love him like crazy.Jared

2. My kids started school this week. I won’t lie, on Tuesday I found myself humming It’s the most wonderful time of the year and when the bus pulled away I did a little dance. Jared was appalled, he was feeling sentimental about kids growing up but that is just proof that he isn’t home much. :)

The big morning:P1010316P1010310 P1010311 P1010312 Just relax and give me a NORMAL smile – impossible:P1010305

I am craving routine and order and I love new beginnings but I do miss those rascals from time to time throughout my day. Luckily, I still have rascal #4 to keep me company.

P1010288Does it look like she took this of herself? I just found it on the camera.  P1010300 Such a good rascally face.

3. The garden is all but dead. I can’t believe that it didn’t rain all summer! I still have a good crop of sweet potatoes to dig up, and I did get enough tomatoes in the last couple weeks for this:P1010286

I love canning, now I am on the hunt for cheap apples for applebutter & sauce. 

4. I have been listening to the same album now for weeks; Matt Kearny’s City of Black & White. I don’t keep up with cool, new artists but I am so happy when I happen upon something I really love. Download it and think of me, you will love it.

5. I went on my first run/walk/run in years. Felt so good and so bad. I am not converted to the gospel of exercise yet but I want to be. More than the pain it’s the time – I really hate the time that it takes out of my day! Once I start feeling the payoff I’m sure I’ll remember that it’s worth it.

6. My first action item after the kids went back to school was to do a house “walk-through”. I went through each room of our house and made a list of all the projects that needed to be done in each. Curtains to be sewn, walls repainted, pictures hung, shelves built… I filled two and a half pages of notebook paper. I do love a good list :).