Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A few pictures of our summer so far...

sunset & horses before the firework show

early harvest from my garden

Gwen on a horseback ride with her Dad

kale, anyone?

my favorite

friendly summertime game of battleship

how Grace feels about swim meets

Noah at sunset

Gwen at the beach


Allen Family said...

These pix are adorable. Gwen is so grown up and Grace...she's huge! I loved the goggle picture. What a trooper to sit through swim meets. These poor car seat babies that just get dragged from one thing to the next! Hope your summer is going great. Can't believe it's almost August...and then other days it can't come soon enough...I'll be honest! :) I am battling feeling guilty about such thoughts...however fleeting they may be, they do come once in awhile! ;)

sue said...

Gorgeous pictures, MA. They look like they could be straight from a magazine.
Wyatt is trying out for the swim team here on Monday. He has to be able to swim all 4 strokes Freestyle, Breast, Back & Butterfly. He is struggling a bit with Butterfly but hopefully he's got it down enough to make the "Jr. Penguins" swim team. haha Which of your kids is on the swim team? How many days a week do they swim? Are the swim meets fun?
Thanks for sharing your pics, looks like you guys are having an awesome summer!

dixieandben said...

more please!

Amy said...

Isn't that how everyone feels about swim meets?

Jennifer said...

That is a lot of kale. I do love that picture of Grace in the goggles. I wish I had been on the beach with you guys.

simply jami said...

I want some kale for my green smoothies! What do you do with it? Oh, and I have a pressing need to hug that cutie pie in the goggles! Precious! Miss you!

cam said...

Beautiful pictures. What a wonderful family. I am especially proud of your produce. Way to go.