Sunday, June 27, 2010

Staycation by JP

I am making a guest blog post.  I figure the name of the blog is pelofam so I think I should be allowed to post now and again.  This last week was my vacation.  It has been about 8 months since my last planned time off, so it was much needed and much enjoyed.  We started with a day at Kings Dominion with cousins.  Which I have to say is the best coaster theme park I have been to in my life.  People often don’t believe me that Richmond VA would have the best coasters in the world but they do.  Just check out this video of the new Intimidator 305 one of only 2 Gigacoasters in the country.  Another great reason to come visit.

Now of course we took our kids so I didn’t get to ride this ride, but next year if Noah is tall enough, we are totally going to ride it.  P1010148

The next fun vacationing plan of the week was a campout with my boys.  I love to camp and haven’t been camping since I moved back to VA so this was the highlight of my week.  Now I had to find a place with some water since the temps have been hitting the 90s and unlike camping in the mountains of Utah, there isn’t a huge temperature change here.  So we went to a favorite spot Lake Sherando that has a great swimming beach and a lake for fishing.  Of course I am a terrible fisherman but I decided that I would try and help my boys learn to fish.  It was a hot campout, but we had a great time.


P1010173 P1010171 P1010168 P1010167

We did have success catching some sunfish but nothing edible.  


The boys were great helpers, we had a great time and we will definitely do it again as soon as we can.P1010181 Wed we had our usual swim meet which was as fun as standing in 90 degree weather for 3 hours so you can watch your kid swim for 3 minutes total can be.P1010136 But Noah looks cool with his swim team shorts on.P1010138 And Gwen didn’t drown during her 50M freestyle even though there were some moments of doubt.

Friday was a swim day at Shenandoah Crossings (were we put all our guests that come visit us, check out the video)

Overall, a great staycation.  MA and I even fit in a date on Friday night when we had dinner in the Dome room of the Rotunda at UVA.


Jennifer said...

Nice post. It all sounds great, except for the heat part. It's sad that when it's hot there it stays hot at night. That it yucky. I decided you should move back to Utah. M-A wanted me to figure that out for you, so that is the answer. Does Noah want to go on the scary rides? That looks crazy fun. I love giant scary roller coasters.

dixieandben said...

I love the pictures of you guys camping! And the guy on the roller-coaster video was hilarious.

Kimberli said...

You are such a cool dad! The place where you have everyone stay looks beautiful. My friend who just visited her sister out there said that Virginia is so beautiful that you start to wonder why you live out here. So maybe you should stay in Virginia. Just playing devil's advocate. I would love to have you guys back in Utah or even better Idaho Falls!

Josh and Mari said...

ARe you guys still there next year? We're totally all over Kings Dominion with you!!! Josh will watch us from below cause he doesn't dare go on it.