Thursday, May 20, 2010

on rules that should be broken

The list of rules at the pool is so incredibly long I never bothered to read it, but I did today and I found two of the most ridiculous rules EVER for a swimming pool:




In other ridiculous news: Ryan’s preschool leases its classrooms from the local school system and they are housed in the same building as the superintendent's offices. Today was water day for preschool, the firemen came and sprayed off the kids with the fire truck and there was lots of squirting unsuspecting moms with supersoakers. An hour into our water day, the superintendent’s secretary came out to tell us that she had received an urgent email message from someone else in the building stating that there were children on the playground with guns and we are a “gun-free zone”. Luckily, she had the sense to laugh it off, not pass it on to the superintendent and just came out to tell us how silly some people can be.


How about covenant neighborhoods that ban tree houses and basketball hoops? Or other parents who tell my kids not to climb up the slide at the park? Or the schools that have adopted no-touching policies? Do you hate rules like these? I think it is no wonder so many kids just sit around in front of a screen all day – it is the only sure way to be a rule-keeper.


Jennifer said...

That is such an awesome story about the guns. Seriously so funny. A lot of rules are so crazy and there really are way too many.

David said...

I've missed your blogs! :) Glad to have you back. And I'm with you on every single one of the rules you listed. Ridiculous...

House Of P said...

Glad I'm not the only one who lets my kids climb up the slides :)

Allen Family said...

MA--I'm so excited to catch up on your blog! I totally understand the break, and sadly, my blog is pretty much just my way of shedding guilt about not being a good "journal keeper" or "scrapbook junkie"! I love your posts, though. I'm sure mine are lame and...oh well, it's just a journal of our adventures!

Now, as for picking a job spot...just pick somewhere temporary until we're ready to pick too. Then get serious about it and give us a call! Can't we live in the same neighborhood? Let's focus on that for now ok? ps--rules that bug totally drive me nuts. How can you ban a tree house and b-ball hoops? Is that not just an invitation to sit around and become an obesity statistic? Arrrggh! C'mon people! loves, jes

Melin said...

The city came and put large signs on either side of our slide that say, "Please do not bang on the slide." Apparently an elderly neighbor was tired of the banging, but really? You live next door to a PARK-- children, stop the laughter, no running, don't have fun!

People are dum.

Melin said...

I meant dumb.
Now I feel silly.