Saturday, May 29, 2010

so long, farewell

P1010065 Our dear Christina has left to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We are so proud of her, but dang – we will miss her the next 18 months! She stopped by on the way to the airport (someone may have still been in her pjs…) to say good-bye. I can’t wait to read her letters and hear about her adventures – she will change lives!




Thursday, May 20, 2010

on rules that should be broken

The list of rules at the pool is so incredibly long I never bothered to read it, but I did today and I found two of the most ridiculous rules EVER for a swimming pool:




In other ridiculous news: Ryan’s preschool leases its classrooms from the local school system and they are housed in the same building as the superintendent's offices. Today was water day for preschool, the firemen came and sprayed off the kids with the fire truck and there was lots of squirting unsuspecting moms with supersoakers. An hour into our water day, the superintendent’s secretary came out to tell us that she had received an urgent email message from someone else in the building stating that there were children on the playground with guns and we are a “gun-free zone”. Luckily, she had the sense to laugh it off, not pass it on to the superintendent and just came out to tell us how silly some people can be.


How about covenant neighborhoods that ban tree houses and basketball hoops? Or other parents who tell my kids not to climb up the slide at the park? Or the schools that have adopted no-touching policies? Do you hate rules like these? I think it is no wonder so many kids just sit around in front of a screen all day – it is the only sure way to be a rule-keeper.

Monday, May 17, 2010

P1010007 Peek-a-boo

P1010012 Where is Gracie?

P1010008 Don’t you just LOVE little toddler hands?! We played this forever today.


Ryan close up

What to do? If I am out of his sight for more than a couple minutes we have to play “Mom-What” until I am located. When I walk upstairs, he asks me how long I’ll be staying. If I venture out to the mailbox or shed, I am likely to be met with a crying 5 year old upon my return. He even pulls himself away from a computer game to come “check on me” if I suddenly get too quiet in the other room. He cried (the hiccup cry) at preschool last week because “he wanted his mom”. He has always been tender hearted and cuddly, but this is new and not good. I try to be accommodating and reassuring, hoping it is just a phase but it is driving me a little crazy. Should I be worried? I’ve asked him if something happened while he was without me that scared him and he says no. It’s been a few weeks now and he doesn’t seem to be improving. Any ideas?

Visitors I neglected to blog about…


In April, our Rawlings cousins came to visit. We had SO. MUCH. FUN. with them. We did a little sight-seeing, but most of the time the kids played and played and played and the grown-ups chatted and chatted. It was really a great time. Dang, I hate having family live so far away.


In May, G’pa & G’ma Pelo came for a week long visit and it was wonderful too. G’pa Dale taught Ryan how to count past 20 and Ryan taught G’pa all about… you guessed it… Star Wars.


The great debate rages, where will the Pelos get a job? Jared wants to go back to Utah and I would rather stay put. And what complicates things so much is that we both love both locations and both families. We have lived in both states and been perfectly happy. Of course, we continue to pray about it and hope that Heavenly Father has an opinion, otherwise we may have to resort to paper, rock, scissors.

Evidently a girl (this girl anyway) can’t garden AND blog. Seems that last post about the garden was a farewell of sorts, but I’ve not abandoned blogging completely. Although after not posting for some time, I did start to wonder about this blog a bit. Is it mostly for me to express my own personal thoughts & feelings? Or is it a tool to keep my extended family in touch with my family or a way to chronicle our life, like a digital scrapbook (although scrapbook is a bad word to me). I don’t know, I never came to a conclusion other than I don’t think very many deep thoughts to share – I mean, they come and go occasionally, but it is the go that is a problem. If they would only come back when I sit down to write. And the chronicling of our life just sounds sort of boring or braggy or potentially unrealistic. And with the exception of one family member (thanks Ben), no one seems to have noticed my absence. Oddly enough, after typing this earlier today I came across this post on another blog (total stranger) which is a good enough answer for me.