Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday was Noah's 7th Birthday.

He had a LEGO birthday - cake and all.

Noah is not an easy guy to get to know. He is tender and sensitive and very aware of everything. He is a master tease. He is a hard worker. He worships his Dad. If he puts his mind to something, he will stick with it until he masters it. He hates to lose. He is stickler for the rules, but has a sneaky streak. He is a thinker. He adores his baby sister. He is such a sweet boy, I hate to think that he is really growing up.


House Of P said...

Happy Birthday Noah! Love the lego cake!

sue said...

What an adorable cake! Homemade? I'll have to copy you for Wyatt's bday - he too LOVES legos.
Noah is such a great kid and so handsome, too! I think it is so awesome how he will work hard to master things that he is interested in - he's always been that way.
I can't believe they are turning 7, though. booohoooooo Time is slippin' away! Better get my act together, quick! haha :)

Jennifer said...

I love Noah. He is such a great kid. Good job on the cake, it looks awesome.

Allen Family said...

I love that picture of Noah! What a doll. And I hate that you made that awesome Lego cake. Man, I'm such a cake-flopper! I feel like I'm doing a great job if I get out the cake gel and write the birthday kid's name on the frosting! You're inspiring in the kitchen for sure (in more ways than just cake decorating!...I've tasted the Pelo-witch's brew!) I can't belive our boys are turning 7! Yikes! loves, Jes

Camilla said...

What a great picture. He has such great and expressive eyes.

Kudos on the cake, mom. You rock. Umm, I mean, You lego.