Saturday, January 30, 2010



Today I played legos for over an hour. I played peek-a-boo and read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” a dozen times. I played cut & color barbie’s hair at I snuggled on the couch and watched a movie WITH my kids.

I really wasn’t thrilled about another huge snow, trapping me at home for days with Jared stuck at the hospital. But as I was sweeping the floor tonight, I realized what a wonderful day I had with my kids. I know I should have more days like today, but I don’t. I let stuff keep me busy. So, thank you to the snow storm for a day free of distractions.


Camilla said...

I REALLY need to remind myself of this too.

Kimberli said...

What a great day! I was thinking the same thing about distractions yesterday when I took a walk with Sarah and Emma. I thought at the end of life I don't think I'll care if my floor was clean all the time, but I will care a lot about the moments I spent just enjoying the people I love.

Jennifer said...

The first day of a snow-in is the best. I'm glad you spent it in a worthwhile manner.

jkmace said...

I thought the same things,and it is a wonderful reminder especially at about day 4, when you are at nerves end and find out snow again today and another big storm for the weekend. Thanks for the pick me up!!