Monday, January 18, 2010


This year on New Year's Eve we all made collages for the new year. It was fun to watch the kids cut things out and share ideas for their new year plans.

Looks like he is going to eat more fruit pizza and Rice Krispies, play soccer, learn to fly like Buzz Lightyear? and be a good big brother

Garden, eat good food, improve on the piano, do at least one sit up, read some good books, get outside, go to bed early

Eat more broccoli, ride his bike, smile, follow Jesus and President Monson, snowboard, play the electric guitar, use dangerous tools, find his lost watch (check - found it!), visit the temple and buy a camera

I'm not sure that Jared really took our activity seriously - he has a hamburger saying "I love you"

Go green, share my testimony, play piano better, smile a lot, save money, eat healthy, show love, choose the right, be kind to animals and sing better (whew!)


jkmace said...

love the idea! we do that as well, but it isn't nearly as fun when you just make a list. I love the collage idea!! looks awesome!

Darcie said...

cute! I'm excited to see that gwen is going to help the family by saving money! She's starting early!

sue said...

I am totally copying your idea for FHE next Monday. If I don't forget, I'll post our creations on my blog. Thanks for the good idea!

Camilla said...

That is an awesome idea. Can I steal it?

Love your goals, not too over-the-top, so more likely to be accomplished. Can a steal them too?

Jennifer said...

Those are all impressive. We do boring lists. Gwen is ambitious. I love that she is going green. Jared wants you to kiss his lips more or he wants his burgers to kiss his lips more. Noah's "dangerous tools" are great. I bet you could do a lot more than one sit up.