Monday, October 5, 2009

Some of the funny things Jared said while "waking up" from his appendectomy last week:

"You (the surgeons, nurses & techs) all look like Smurfs"

He sang "You are so beautiful to me, can't you see, can't you see..." to me as I walked down the hall of the surgical suite.

He was VERY concerned about the catheter they placed and continued to voice his concern over the possibility of something being "broken" or certain "functions" that may have been damaged.

When asked about his pain on the pain scale (1-10) he told the nurse "it's like a 6.66 'cause it feels like the devil is inside there poking me with his little stick".

He also made several advances at me, requested graham crackers, cheeseburgers and peanut butter and put the plastic throw-up bag over his head.

Noah keeps getting mixed up and saying that Dad had his independence removed.

Jared swears he won't show his face in the OR ever again and I'm sure he will be met with giggles from certain nurses and techs who may ride the elevator with him. Next time I will bring a video camera.


Melin said...

you totally should sue him for making advances at you. that's so inappropriate.
glad he's out and alive.

Jennifer said...

I love that so much. Thanks for the laughs. I so, so, so wish you had a video of it.

kto1s said...

Well, that settles it! Jared can no longer show his face at UVa. A move to Utah is in order....

Bummer way to spend his time off--hope the recovery is less eventful than the anesthesia!

cam said...

I am laughing out loud. I wish I could see Jared like that. It's hillarious.

House Of P said...

Hilarious!! Thanks for sharing with those of us who weren't there.
To a speedy recovery!

Darcie said...

I can't imagine seeing my husband like that- so hilarious!! My favorite part is the singing.
Tell Jared I hope nothing is broken from that catheter :)

kseal said...

Poor say nothing of showing his face before any of us now too. ;-) Yes, we are all laughing at Jared and half curious to know how our husbands would behave in the same situation. Smooth operator!

Glad everything "came out" okay!

sue said...

I'm laughing so hard. My fave:
"it's like a 6.66 'cause it feels like the devil is inside there poking me with his little stick"
Oh dear. Best wishes, Jared, to a speedy recovery! :)