Friday, August 14, 2009

It's amazing how quickly I can change my mind. Less than a week ago I was standing on the beach, watching my kids play, thinking that I never wanted summer to end. Today after a gazillion time outs and eyeball-to-eyeball talks, I decided that maybe school is coming at just the right time.

My kids start back on Wednesday. That's only 5 days away, but who's counting???


cam said...

School for us doesn't start until September 8th! I am a little jealous of you. Yes, we are looking at a job in Bismark. Didn't you know it is the "fun" captiol?

Jennifer said...

I hear you. My kids start on Tuesday. I have mixed emotions though. My baby starts school which makes me a little sad. It's half-day Kindergarten which frustrates me. I am home schooling Ian which scares me. I pray for success for everyone. Good luck.