Friday, July 24, 2009

Crabtree Falls

A couple weeks ago Jared got home from his last night shift and decided to stay up all day to help him make the change to days again. We decided he needed to keep him moving so we hiked Crabtree Falls. Jared didn't believe me when I told him they are the tallest falls east of the Mississippi. I got my info straight from Wikipedia yo. It's a nice hike that follows the falls the whole way. I think to get great pics you have to hike it in the winter when the trees are bare. So we took pictures of our cute hikers instead.


dinie said...

These are the cutest hikers ever! Who needs to look at waterfalls and wildflowers???

Kimberli said...

Those are adorable hikers. You wow me. Hooray for the end of night shifts! Are things a little easier right now?

Jennifer said...

They are super cute and I really like the picture at the top of your blog with everyone.