Friday, July 24, 2009

ho-bo snacks

Do you know about ho-bo snacks? Occasionally while on a drive, my parents would stop at a country store along the way to pick up a ho-bo snack. Usually this would consist of an oatmeal pie or (if you were lucky) a moon pie, a chocolate milk and a pack of Nabs - you know, ho-bo food. We also treat our kids to a ho-bo snack now and then and today on our way back from picking up a bike for Gwen we found on craigslist, we stopped at Yoders Country Market to pick up some refreshment, ho-bo style.
I love that store. I love love love love love "Old Style Chocolate Peanut Butter" from Yoders. Also their chicken salad with craisins and cashews. Also the homemade maple frosted doughnuts (made fresh Friday mornings!) and the huge variety of snack mixes. And the friendly staff (and while it's inappropriate to say - their cute mennonite hats). And the goats and turkey in the field next to the parking lot. I love their bread and homemade whoppie pies and candy sticks at the register. Did I mention that the drive to Yoders is gorgeous. And don't forget the homemade fig cookies and the interesting things I find like "powdered whipping cream". Oh, and once I bought a HUGE bag of Lucky Charm marshmallows (just the marshmallows) because I couldn't resist. I keep telling Jared that they have cheap baking supplies and good grains, but I think he's on to me. If you live close by and you've never gone, I love an excuse to take you there and if you come to visit us, right under Monticello, Yoders should be on your list of places to visit.

Somebodys Watching You

I hated these commercials, but boy, oh boy am I singing a different tune today! We switched to Geico today and you will never believe how much we will save every year. I was speechless.

$1490 a year!!!!!

I just couldn't keep this kind of good news to myself. It's almost as good as finding $20 in last years coat pocket.

PS. Progressive is guilty of highway robbery.

Crabtree Falls

A couple weeks ago Jared got home from his last night shift and decided to stay up all day to help him make the change to days again. We decided he needed to keep him moving so we hiked Crabtree Falls. Jared didn't believe me when I told him they are the tallest falls east of the Mississippi. I got my info straight from Wikipedia yo. It's a nice hike that follows the falls the whole way. I think to get great pics you have to hike it in the winter when the trees are bare. So we took pictures of our cute hikers instead.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

North & South

Have you seen this BBC movie?! AHH!!! It is my new favorite. I watched all 4 hours last night after I put the kids to bed. This scene about did me in. For crying out loud, LOOK BACK! And don't you love his scowl? You must watch this and tell me how much you loved it. What are your other BBC favorites?