Thursday, June 18, 2009

a fava favor

So we did sign up for the produce co-op. We've enjoyed lots of fresh herbs, baby potatoes, bok choy, lettuce, kale and onions - lots and lots of spring onions. Turnips got a pretty big thumbs down from everyone - including me. They looked so cute, but really not so tasty. Collard greens also did not fare too well. We really liked the cooked kale, but the collard greens were so bitter. This week the challange is fava beans. So dear readers, how about sharing your favorite fava bean recipe?


Darcie said...

wish i could help you out, MA, but I've got nothin' on favas. Can't wait to hear what you come up with

Jennifer said...

I don't know that I have ever eaten fava beans, but I've heard that they are good with liver and a nice chianti. At least that is what Hannibal Lecter said in Silence of the Lambs.

I love turnips. I don't know how people can't love them, but there are many of you out there.

Good luck with the beans.

sue said...

haha I've never even heard of favas! I fail as past-vegan.

I'm inspired by you health nuts. Maybe I'll buy kale and make that yummy soup from the Olive Garden... you know the one with the cream and the sausage? haha

Let us know what you make... I'm interested. for real. :)

dixieandben said...

You know how I love to cook and eat vegetables but I want to see pics of your kids doing swim team stuff!

Amy said...

I like collard greens in stews. So I actually dry mine and wait for winter to crumble a big leaf into a pot.

Visit any type in fava beans. I bet they have some good recipes. They do have some good kale ones. Eating Well is a favorite cooking mag.

Good luck!