Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I need to post some pics from our trip to Williamsburg, but not tonight. Tonight is laundry - so much laundry. Like 2 weeks of it. But the great news, I mean GREAT news is this... we bought a new washer and dryer and it is going to CHANGE MY LIFE. Okay, maybe that is an overstatement, but maybe not. I just did 2 weeks of laundry for 6 people in 4 loads - no jokin! Now all I need is a folding/putting away type of machine. 

Back to this post. We overheard this yesterday: Ryan to Noah (in a surprisingly calm, matter of fact voice) "I should've choked you in heaven". Hmmm. 

And the lunch conversation Saturday:
Noah - what if 2 girls got married?
Ryan - they can't
Gwen - yeah, they can't
Noah - but what IF? That would be crazy. 
Gwen - yeah, what if they both got pregnant at the same exact time?! (sidenote here, we've been discussing the need to give Gwen THE talk, and obviously we haven't yet)
Noah - yeah and if they both had their babies on the same exact day at the same exact time!
Gwen - like twins but not really
Noah - But you need a man. Cause who would have a driver's license? And who would hold open the door?!


Jennifer said...

I'm so happy for you about the washer and dryer. That is so exciting, in the way only a mother can know.

Thank you so much for sharing your kids conversations. They make me laugh every time. I love those kids.

I recommend, How to Talk to Your Child About Sex, by the Eyres.

jkmace said...

SO excited about your new machines! I love ours and I can do about the same amount!

I love checking your posts because they make me laugh! I like to share them with Josh and get a good laugh again! Thanks for bring up my spirits when I need them!

Let me know how the talk goes, we will be having one soon as well!

Camilla said...

Too funny! I love that the man is only good for driving the car and holding the door open...oh my goodness.

dixieandben said...

Okay I just read what Ryan said to Noah and I'm in the library and I burst out laughing really loudly. Now I can't stop laughing and I'm crying. Oh man your kids say the most hilarious things. I hope our kids are as funny as yours.
We really miss them!