Friday, May 29, 2009

BFFs, fly girls, and little debbie

This won't mean anything to you unless you are a fly lady (and no, I'm not talking about J-Lo, that's a fly girl). But tonight I shined my sink - for the first time in a looong time. I love it. Now when I am overwhelmed with the rest of my life I can go stare at my spotless kitchen sink. 

Speaking of overwhelmed - summertime. I'm on the countdown (7 days to go). I love my kids and we are going to have F-U-N this summer, but I am so done with all the fighting happening in our family. Roses are not blooming beneath my feet lately - that's about all I have to say. 

Speaking of the end of the school year - Ryan's preschool had the end of the year program last night and there was a silent auction. I can not tell you how much the Pelo family donated to the preschool, but we brought home 4 separate items. Evidently, I really love perfume b/c I won 2 women's cologne baskets full of samples (large & small) of perfume from Nordstroms. Come on people - I was just trying to get the bidding going! I didn't really want any of that stuff. Ugh. 

Everyone brought a side dish for the dinner after the little program. I took (and brought home) a big green salad. The only people who had salad were the people in my family. This is funny. On my co-op days I have to bring a snack to preschool. Not once did the kids eat my snack. Mini muffins with craisins, celery & carrots, apple slices, banana chips, apple chips - no thank you, we want frosted donuts or fruit loops or little debbie cakes. Seriously?  

Speaking of food - the garden is a no-go. We really wanted to do a huge garden this year, but twas not meant to be. It's a case of the good, better, best thing. Gardening is good, but there are some other things (read: people) who need my attention more. So, we've been looking into the local CSA programs. We did a food co-op in Utah for a while and I really liked it. Anyone doing one this summer? Jared's take is that we should just go the farmer's market every week and spend the $30 there. My take is that he should go to the farmer's market with 4 kids every week. The truth about that is that he'd love to. But I wouldn't, so even though it may be a little pricier, I'm leaning towards signing up for the CSA.  

Speaking of Jared -  he's great. Really, really a wonderful guy. He is a fabulous, fun dad and the hardest worker I ever met. He's a great listener (as long as ESPN is not on - which it never is anymore b/c HE cancelled it. I have been so tempted to upgrade so he can watch the NBA series - he is being so stoic even though I know it REALLY hurts). He's so laid back and never makes me feel guilty (ie. speeding tickets, silent auctions, losing my cool). He sends me on girls trips and encourages me to buy new clothes when nothing fits and even calls and makes my hair appointments (seriously). JP - you can be my BFF anyday. 


kto1s said...

Dang it all-I miss you. One more month of intern year to go! And that is a serious accompishment!

Darcie said...

I love that you came home with numerous items from the preschool auction. Classic!
I've been thinking of doing a co-op here in UT. What is a CSA?

Darcie said...

Oh, and also, I know how you feel about people not dining on your delicious and healthy snacks. Unfortunately I've had the same experience. I believe America is taking the fast train to heart disease and diabetes.

Renae Pelo said...

Good for you with the good, better, best. I remember the year even my rose bushes went to pot with too many people to take care of. Now you know that would be a serious sacrifice for me. You are making the best choices even though they are hard.

Funny about all the perfume stuff. Just think of all the stocking stuffers and VT gifts you have on hand.

You're awesome, Mychael-Ann. You have a great husband but he has a great wife, too. Those are some lucky kids. I adore them, too.

cam said...

I love this blog...reality in it's finest. Makes me miss you.

Kimberli said...

I know what you mean about the fighting. There are no roses beneath our feet here either. What is it and what do you do? I don't know.

I love hearing about good, better and best. I totally lost it this weekend. When Harold got home from scout camp I was one soppy, bawling mess. There is so much being left undone and so much I want to do and so many kids who want a part of me, but don't want to help. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Best really is people and not the things I want to do. Thanks for the reminder.

I think you and Jared are both awesome. I think of you guys all the time. You are BFF and I love how you support each other.

Iv said...

What a post. I HEAR ya on the healthy snacks too! I'm the crazy aunt who's always trying to sneak beans into the brownies or flax seed in the cookies and the kids are all wary. I love you and Jared. You are such a balanced team - so supportive of each other. Your family is blessed with much strength and only great things can come from that. Glad to hear it's not only my kids who are misbehaving this spring. I'm still doing the co-op here, but there's a new one called Bountiful Baskets that's even better starting to crop up around Utah. Food comes from Arizona and it's more bang for your buck. About the garden, I read a book about how the most memorable/important times in your life are when the rosebushes grow wild. How true that is right now. Thanks for the perspective. Love you and am seriously in mourning that we might not get our girls weekend with you!

Aubri said...

Nothing beats shining your sink!

dinie said...

Hey MA, you and your BFF inspire me all the time...don't sweat the garden or the kid fights! You guys have great things going on in that ol' Gordonsville house! I'll share my tomatoes with you and the kids will one day be great friends...just keep shining your sink and chipping you know whats off the wall. Thanks for being such a great example of enduring well(and you do!)Love you!

Jennifer said...

Yay, for a shined sink. It's a miracle thing.

The only way we have a garden is by it bring self-watering. I usually plant it and forget it until there is something to eat out of it.

Congrats on your auction winnings. Lucky you.

You both are awesome and I love your little kiddies too.