Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break

Last week was spring break for my kids. It was a great week. We took a day trip to our favorite children's museum and this time brought Jared along to join in the fun. We worked in the yard, played play-doh, made puppets, and blew bubbles. We hit up the 5 cent frozen custard cones (twice in one day) walked the Monticello trail, played t-ball and flew kites. Jared and I went on a date (thanks Mom and Dad), I read some good books and we caught up with old friends over chops on the grill and dutch oven cobbler - yum. We work hard and play hard (and feel a little tired now and then). 
Josie eating bubbles.

The power lines are not quite as close as they look :).

Grace, Eric, Noah, Ryan, Gwen & Brandy

Silly cousins.

Another great craft kit from Martha. Loved the puppets.


Darcie said...

What fun puppets! Cute pics. I love Gwen in the pics- she shows such personality and a little attitude :)

Jennifer said...

I love that picture of all the kids with their cones. So darn cute. That sounds like a busy, fun week.

Kimberli said...

It sounds like an awesome week. You guys are just fun. I wish we could come play with you.