Monday, April 20, 2009


I keep meaning to take down the evergreen wreath from my porch and replace it with something more springlike. Looks like spring found my wreath.                                                            
Can you see the tiny egg? Cute, huh? Well... 

If you know me very well, you know that I suffer from ornithophobia. A serious fear of birds (okay, yes I just googled that). They really creep me out. And this wreath is 18 inches from my front door. So everytime I step outside this tiny bird shoots out of it's nest like mad. And then just around the corner (next to the walkway that leads to my van) in one of our boxwoods is this:

A nest of sweet robin eggs. They are gorgeous and my kids are thrilled. But the birds scared me so bad last night I just about peed my pants. And twice today the one in the wreath made me scream. I really hate them. I'm sure they are going to attack me for being too close to their nests. So now I make the kids walk ahead of me so the birds will fly away before I get there. Jared thinks it's ridicous that I'm okay with spiders and snakes but birds and mice make me hysterical. So how long till the egg in my wreath hatches and the little birdy flies away so I can get rid of the nest? Is there anyway I could carefully move the wreath to a new location without upsetting mama bird?  


Jennifer said...

Birds totally freak me out. They are too unpredictable in their movements. I totally agree with sending the kids out first.

carrie said...

no way!!!!!!!!

sue said...

I think Wyatt would have thought he'd died & gone to heaven if we had a bird's nest on our front door! That is soooo fun!

Your fear is not irrational - birds can be scary - like for example the pelican that pooped on my face during my honeymoon. Scaaaary! :)