Monday, April 20, 2009


I know I'm totally blog barfing tonight. Sorry.

A few days ago Jared is working outside with Noah: 
Noah - Dad, I'm just about as strong as a man or a woman with big boobs.
Jared - Whoa. What did you just say?
Noah - I'm strong. Like a man or a woman with big boobs. You know. 
Jared - Well, we don't call them boobs, we call them breasts and they aren't big muscles, they are for feeding babies.
Noah - Oh.

Obviously Noah has been having some playground discussions with his kindergarten buddies. I'm a little ticked that he's been thinking I'm not very strong. 

And then last night at dinner the kids are describing National Velvet, the movie they watched to Jared:
Gwen - and the girl pretended to be a boy so she could race her horse.
Ryan - and she fell off her horse and they knew she was a girl.
Noah - yeah, cause she had to go to the doctor and they probably saw her bressels.


I keep meaning to take down the evergreen wreath from my porch and replace it with something more springlike. Looks like spring found my wreath.                                                            
Can you see the tiny egg? Cute, huh? Well... 

If you know me very well, you know that I suffer from ornithophobia. A serious fear of birds (okay, yes I just googled that). They really creep me out. And this wreath is 18 inches from my front door. So everytime I step outside this tiny bird shoots out of it's nest like mad. And then just around the corner (next to the walkway that leads to my van) in one of our boxwoods is this:

A nest of sweet robin eggs. They are gorgeous and my kids are thrilled. But the birds scared me so bad last night I just about peed my pants. And twice today the one in the wreath made me scream. I really hate them. I'm sure they are going to attack me for being too close to their nests. So now I make the kids walk ahead of me so the birds will fly away before I get there. Jared thinks it's ridicous that I'm okay with spiders and snakes but birds and mice make me hysterical. So how long till the egg in my wreath hatches and the little birdy flies away so I can get rid of the nest? Is there anyway I could carefully move the wreath to a new location without upsetting mama bird?  

Spring Break

Last week was spring break for my kids. It was a great week. We took a day trip to our favorite children's museum and this time brought Jared along to join in the fun. We worked in the yard, played play-doh, made puppets, and blew bubbles. We hit up the 5 cent frozen custard cones (twice in one day) walked the Monticello trail, played t-ball and flew kites. Jared and I went on a date (thanks Mom and Dad), I read some good books and we caught up with old friends over chops on the grill and dutch oven cobbler - yum. We work hard and play hard (and feel a little tired now and then). 
Josie eating bubbles.

The power lines are not quite as close as they look :).

Grace, Eric, Noah, Ryan, Gwen & Brandy

Silly cousins.

Another great craft kit from Martha. Loved the puppets.

Science experiment

You know the "30 day bran muffin" recipe? They are really serious about the "30 days". This batter found an unfortunate home at the very back of the bottom shelf in my fridge. I would occasionally see it and tell myself to clean out the fridge soon. Evidently it wasn't soon enough. This was the coolest mold I've ever seen. Just had to share :). 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today was one of those Sundays. My children were lucky to make it out of church alive. I did, in fact, pinch a couple of them, hard. I shouldn't have, it wasn't a very Christlike thing to do and on Easter. I'm not exactly sure what happened to the Pelos today at church. It was like the pew had some naugtiness on it and it seeped into all of us while we sat. Even sweet Grace was fidgety and fussy. It was a good thing that I was giving a neighbor a ride because about halfway through the service I was ready to call it a day, I would have left if it weren't for needing to get her home. I wish I could blame it on a sugar high, but we called the Easter Bunny a couple years back and requested he visit us a day early. Maybe it was the crash after yesterday's sugar high? I ran to the nursing mothers' lounge (I typed that "cursing mothers' lounge" the first time - a very fitting typo, no?) to feed Grace and get myself together. Grace and I both fell fast asleep and woke up just in time for the 3rd hour. There is no real point to sharing this story,  its just the confession of a grouchy, impatient mom who needed a little nap. 

I'd do anything

I took Gwen & Noah to see Oliver a few weeks ago and they LOVED it. We downloaded the soundtrack and Noah has been singing "Where is Love?" to me in his best Oliver voice. This afternoon I thought it was so sweet when I heard my boys singing "I'd do anything" to each other. When I listened in a little closer this is what I heard:
"I'd do anything for you dear, anything, for you mean everything to me."
"Would you eat my sock?" 
"Would you kiss a dog?" 
"Would you lick my foot?" 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I found a collection of Eloise Wilkin stories and I'm so pleased. I love her illustrations so much. Who are some of your favorite illustrators?

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