Sunday, March 29, 2009


Our kids have the best grandparents (& great-grandparents). Period. You can't even compete.

They play quick-draw, they give out silver dollars and lemon drops, they have sleepovers and take shopping trips to the dollar store, they swim, they loan movies, they play dress-ups, they read stories, they send letters, they teach marbles and pick-up sticks, they make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and sew teddy bears. And that is just for starters.

As we've moved, Jared and I secretly hoped for an adventure location, some place new to both of us. But we've been UT to VA to UT and back to VA so far. Our families have always been so supportive and wonderful. Sometimes you don't appreciate things until you don't have them and sometimes you appreciate things when you realize you really couldn't do without them. The past few months of intern year have been so brutal, I can't imagine trying to get through without family. My parents have really stepped in and lightened my load time after time, whether letting us drop in unannounced for dinner or watching the kids so I can fulfill my callings or giving a struggling kid some extra tlc - I can't believe we thought it would be "fun" to live somewhere new.  Soooo stupid of us! 

A random assortment of grandparent pics. 


Jennifer said...

That is such a sweet post.

I forgot to tell your dad when I was there that I have no memory of my baptism either. I was always saddened by that as well and thought that I was the only one. Now I'm not so sad about it knowing I'm not the only one.

Will+Candace Fox said...

awww i loved your post! your kids are so cute! i hope everything is wonderful!

Taryn said...

I know what you mean! I hate having my dad so far away but my mom moved to Texas in October and it has been wonderful. Once you have kids you learn to appreciate your parents more! Miss you.

Crystal and Me and my family are coming out there for Memorial Day, hopefully we can get the kids together while we are there!

cam said...

It truly stinks to be without grandparents...7 years and counting. We miss them like crazy. You are so blessed, you do have wonderful parents.