Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ryan had a birthday in December and I never posted about it. This boy is jolly. He loves adults (especially the elderly) and he gives the best responses when you walk in the front door. If you sit beside him, he'll pat your arm or rub your back. He loves dinosaurs, incredible hulk and anything his big bro likes. He especially loves that big bro. He is not stingy with his love.
Can you believe he started off like this??
Some pics of his big day:
"You're making me angry, you won't like it when I'm angry!"

Yes, this cake is half eaten. His birthday was just a couple days after I got home from the hosptial. A friend had dropped this cake off a couple days before and so I let him decorate what was left with candy and we called it his b'day cake.

But, here is his real birthday cake. I can't believe I didn't get any other pictures of his party. It was WILD. G'ma Dinie & G'pa Mike gave him a marshmallow gun and a ping-pong gun and the teenage cousins REALLY liked them - I'm still finding mini-marshmallows under my radiators.


Jennifer said...

I love that hulk picture. It's so funny. He's such a cutey. Happy birthday, Ry-Ry.

kto1s said...

What a great kid!! How did he get so stinking big?!?

soozq said...

Hi MA! glad to see you are still making a go of life w/all the madness of new baby and all! Happy birthday sweet Ryan!
Is it time for another pic of baby Gracie for the blog yet? *hoping*
Have a great day, MA!

soozq said...

btw - i don't know how to change my name back to "Sue" somehow I changed it to soozq and I can't get it back. My blog link is gone, too? mystery..... But this is your long lost curlyQ sue friend from Utahhhh!

Kimberli said...

What a cute boy! I wish he could play with my cute boys. I'll bet he and Peter would have quite the boxing match. You should see Peter's boxing face it's not quite as pleasant as Ryans, but Ryan has bigger fists so he can probably get away with that sweet smile.