Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What goes around, comes around

In the past couple years, I have given all my baby girl things away to friends. I worried a little that I would have another girl and that I would regret it but I thought it was stupid to hold on to something that someone else could use and I banked on finding more hand-me-downs if the day ever came that I needed them. Without the sale of our house in UT, we are more strapped for $$ than we'd like and I started to stress a few weeks ago about having to spend money on the things I once gave away. Lucky for me, WHAT GOES AROUND REALLY DOES COME BACK AROUND and I have been the recipient of SO many darling baby girl clothes. I washed the first batch yesterday - these are only the 0-3 mo size - I have 3 more boxes of bigger sizes.

I know it's just a little thing and we weren't headed to the poor house if we had to buy baby clothes, but sometimes it's the little things that let me know I'm loved and watched over.


Jennifer said...

It's true. Karma works. Letting go when you don't need it and opening space for it to return to you when you do.

Kimberli said...

That is so awesome! I gave away all my girl clothes too except for one box of newborn things. I've already started getting things too. It's true that little needs like that being taken care of does make you feel loved and watched over.