Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Pics

A cowboy riding his horse

Prince Caspien

And a fairy

This was the first year we could convince our kids to touch the pumpkin guts.

Not an especially flattering pic of the uncles & G'pa Mike, but I thought they looked cute all squished on the couch together. We had a fun party - even Great G'pa & G'ma dropped in for some soup & bread. Christen got it right when she said the highlight of the night was when our screen door jammed shut and the trick or treaters had to wait for a LONG time while I tried unsuccessfully to pop it open with a screwdriver.

And it wouldn't be Halloween without Witch's Brew. We were proud of G'ma Dinie this year, the only adult to dress up - she makes a cute pumpkin.


carrie said...


I love the cowboy riding the horse. what a great costume.

and, i love your house!

Jennifer said...

Those costumes are so cute. I love that your mom dressed up. That is awesome. Poor trick-or-treaters, that is funny. Kids will be patient for candy.