Monday, October 6, 2008


We have a friend who tells of his miracle pants - the ones that fit him season after season during a period of financial difficulty for his family while he was a kid. Well, these shoes have been our miracle shoes. Gwen wore these shoes for well over a year, while she out grew many other pairs of shoes, these hung around. Not only did they fit for an unusually long period of time, but they stayed it tip-top shape - nothing is frayed, scuffed or stained. It was a sad day last month when she put them on and tried to walk downstairs only to find that her little toes were being squished. Now, I don't know that these shoes really qualify as true "miracle shoes" in the same class as the above mentioned pants, but they are darn good kids shoes. Comfy, cute, and you can run and jump and climb in them (there is nothing I hate more than little girls shoes that aren't made for play). So keep your eye on the sale rack at REI for Keen's Targhee. Our only regret is that they are pink... do you think Noah will mind?


carrie said...

naw...if investment bankers can wear pink business shirts, Noah can wear shoes with pink laces.

kto1s said...

awwww. I miss seeing those shoes by my front door while the feet that filled them played with my daughter:(

Hmm, could a black sharpie disguise the pink?!?

kseal said...

Ah, the tithing pants. The story that will become legend. Happy shoe shopping!