Monday, October 20, 2008

I have all sorts of things to blog about: fall weather, politics, how pregnant I am feeling, cute kids and crazy residency but instead I found this to share:I stole it from a blog I read LDS Media Talk - this is what you get when you enter the full text from General Conference into Wordle. The size of the text is determined by how often that word was used. I like it. And I want to play around on that website.


Allen Family said...

wow! Really cool--never heard of that website..."wordle"? I'll be checking it out now though. I can always trust you to keep me up on all the cool sites to browse. By the way, we're really missing you guys this Halloween season. Not having our Halloween FHE with the Pelos is truly sad. If you recall, this is so not my favorite holiday, and I totally counted on your witch's brew and J in the obnoxious hat to lift my spirits each year. Plus I felt less guilt as a scroogey mom at Halloween, if I gave my kids the Pelo FHE to look forward to. Needless to say, we miss you guys. If you have your brew recipe handy...will you email it to me? I'll try to put something together, although it will definitely not be the same. And who knows if I can actually talk Lex into wearing the hat? Email me if you can, I'm scroogey as ever this season! Miss you guys!--Jes

Jennifer said...

That is way cool. I am totally going to borrow it for my blog. Thanks.