Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amazement Sqaure

Last week the kids had a day off from school and we took a little field trip. I remembered about this children's museum in Lynchburg - Amazement Square - and it did not disappoint. Well worth the long drive.

Besides the slides and nets and ladders that span the 4 floors of the museum (for the kids to use instead of stairs), I think this is the coolest part of the museum - the paint box. Strip off the socks & shoes and a paint free for all (almost, the one rule is no painting other kids).

Gwen & Noah spent forever in the human body exhibit playing doctor.

I was making the coolest stained glass pictures, but my helpers would never cooperate and fill it up like I wanted. Maybe I need a trip to the museum alone sometime.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I have all sorts of things to blog about: fall weather, politics, how pregnant I am feeling, cute kids and crazy residency but instead I found this to share:I stole it from a blog I read LDS Media Talk - this is what you get when you enter the full text from General Conference into Wordle. The size of the text is determined by how often that word was used. I like it. And I want to play around on that website.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I forgive you

Tonight while I was reading aloud to the kids, Ry found my scripture case and my stash of "Sunday mints." He tried to sneak one after I told him no and got sent to his room. When I came up to tuck him in he looked very triumphant and said, "Mom - I forgive you!" When I tried to explain how he was mixed up and he meant to say "I'm sorry" he refused to relent and stuck with "I forgive you."

I'm afraid he does have quite a lot to forgive me for, so I quit trying to persuade him and graciously accepted his forgiveness.
My camera cord was lost for a few weeks, so a few pics from the past month:

My kitchen is now complete - the corner shelves are in and I like them. It was a debate between a closed in pantry, extending the cabinet & counter or open shelves. I was always for the open - I just knew I didn't want to close off that corner and while I was unsure, I'm quite pleased with the end result. Now if I could only find enough energy to cook more than fish sticks and mac 'n cheese...

Noah and a cute classmate at the apple orchard.

We went to a "fiber festival" (and no, not the whole wheat kind) last weekend and it was SO cool. This kid LOVED the sheep, alpacas and rabbits - it was all we could do keep him out of their cages. They had the most gorgeous yarns you have ever seen. I left inspired to buy a couple sheep and learn to spin and knit.


We have a friend who tells of his miracle pants - the ones that fit him season after season during a period of financial difficulty for his family while he was a kid. Well, these shoes have been our miracle shoes. Gwen wore these shoes for well over a year, while she out grew many other pairs of shoes, these hung around. Not only did they fit for an unusually long period of time, but they stayed it tip-top shape - nothing is frayed, scuffed or stained. It was a sad day last month when she put them on and tried to walk downstairs only to find that her little toes were being squished. Now, I don't know that these shoes really qualify as true "miracle shoes" in the same class as the above mentioned pants, but they are darn good kids shoes. Comfy, cute, and you can run and jump and climb in them (there is nothing I hate more than little girls shoes that aren't made for play). So keep your eye on the sale rack at REI for Keen's Targhee. Our only regret is that they are pink... do you think Noah will mind?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Calling All Bookworms

One gift our kids can count on each Christmas and birthday is a book from Mom & Dad. I usually have a list of titles for each one, but this year I haven't come up with anything great - yet. So share, what are your favorite children's books this year?

To be fair, here are a few of our favs:

Currently, Gwen is devouring the Disney Fairy books. She came inside the other day absolutely enraged because Noah was in the back yard singing "I don't believe in fairies" - do they send little brothers with secret pocket manuals with instructions on how best to torment big sisters?!

My new stroller

I'm extremely pleased. Giddy. I asked many of you for your top picks for you favorite all-purpose, lightweight stroller and while no one actually suggested this stroller - it was the perfect blend of features that everyone loves. We have a couple old double joggers but don't own a "regular" stroller anymore. Plus, I found a used one in fabulous condition on craigslist! If you have 3 minutes to watch the video, you'll be excited for me.