Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rainy Day

What a rainy day! We have a small pond in our backyard thanks to tropical storm Hanna. Sometimes a rainy day is just what the doctor ordered (not necessarily our doctor - he would never order rain) but I would.
Today was one of those days that puts me to bed with a happy contentedness that can only come from spending the day with my family. It was almost perfect, but Jared is on call so he missed both the rain and the blissful day of rainy day activities. We watched Saturday morning cartoons, cuddled in the living room and read Narnia, played dress up and Barbies, spent hours playing play-doh with G'ma Dinie who came over to share in our rainy day festivities, and watched Pollyanna before tucking everyone in to bed without any huge incidents or drama.
I've struggled with school starting again, wondering if I'm making the right decision to send my little ones away from me for so much of the day and I really needed a day to snuggle and play and just be together. I'm sure that after we enjoy another full day together tomorrow, I will be less sad to see the school bus come Monday morning.


cam said...

I love what you said M-A! I love rainy days, as long as it is every once and awhile. I love to think of you in your beautiful house with your beautiful mom and beautiful kids. What fun!!! Wish we could come by and join ya!

Ronda said...

Sounds like so much fun. Hope it is only the rain you are getting there. What a great mom you are. I wish I had the same attitude about being with my kids all day, but I really need some timeout from Chris.
Hope you are feeling good and know we miss seeing all of your smiling faces.

jkmace said...

MA- I know exactly what you mean! I was also looking forward to the rain and because of it, we didn't go the the shore...a huge treat for the kids! The kids welcomed Hanna playing in the on the deck at 7:30 in the morning then came the cartoons, games, haircuts and YES POLLYANNA!!! Maggie loves it! Good you are doing well, hope to see you to...I will call you next time I am there, my little sis is at UVA getting masters this year!

Jennifer said...

I love the rainy days, probably because we don't have many.