Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Call Night

After the dishes are done and the floors are swept, what am I to do with myself every third night while Jared parties it up at the hospital on the peds surg floor? Among other things (I promise, there are others) I waste time on the internet. However, recently I've stumbled upon a few websites and blogs really worth reading and passing on. I am impressed with how many people have taken Elder Ballard's challenge to use new media to get more accurate info on mormons on the web. I love that a youtube clip of Elder Holland was the #1 result when you searched "mormon" on youtube for a while this summer - you should watch it if you haven't already seen it.

Here are some blogs to check out:

This is the More Good Foundation which provides a non-authoritative voice on the LDS church. I like that they say this on their website - "Some people want to learn about the Church, but not from the Church. It's not hard to believe. When shopping on Amazon.com, do you pay more attention to the publisher's review or the users' reviews? Do you shop for the best-in-class car by researching Ford.com or a user forum that discusses all makes and models?" They also have a blog that is for "online member missionaries".


If you use google reader or some other rss reader, this is a great feed to subscribe to. It adds a talk every week or so from BYU devotionals or Women's Conference, etc... that you can listen to directly from your reader.


This blog has to do with "sharing technology ideas for LDS parents & youth" and it has all sorts of interesting posts plus the blogroll has links to other interesting LDS blogs.


This one can be a bit technical and some posts are over my head, but I've learned all sorts of cool things from his posts.



Jennifer said...

Thanks M-A.

jkmace said...

MA-Thanks! I am always looking for the GOOD STUFF!