Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I enjoy the diversity of living outside of Utah. Just a couple weeks ago, J & I were at a food court in a large mall and we noted that we were a minority, cool. Noah seems especially tuned in to the different accents. Last year while in VA, we went through a drive-through and as the guy was reading our order back to us (prior to us being able to see him) Noah yelled "Hey! Dat guy has brown skin!" And again last night Noah announced loudly as we were being seated at a restaurant "I couldn't understand what dat guy was saying!". Luckily, I don't think the guy could understand him either.

Today we drove an hour round trip to get to Wal Mart. I have a sister in law who lives in a small Idaho town with a decent drive to any real shopping. Her sisters have been teasing her about being like the Ingall's family and their weekly trips to "town" to buy supplies. During my drive, I thought about Ma Ingalls and how lately I feel a lot more like Harriet Oleson.

I like this thought a friend shared with me recently - Our Father in Heaven doesn't hold it against us when we struggle. He allows us to struggle and allows us to come back to him and move on with out holding our bad times over our heads. I think the trick is to let ourselves struggle, move on and forgive ourselves as quickly as he does. Sometimes you never really figure anything out, you just push through till it's over and you look back and realize you tried your best, you survived and He stuck by you through your orneriest moments.

Friday is the big ultrasound. Boy or Girl? Any guesses? Gwen says girl. Noah says one of each (so sorry, we already know that is NOT the case). Ryan says boy. I'm just hoping for healthy.


Jennifer said...

Cutest Noah. I miss the funny things he says. I can totally hear him saying that stuff. You do a good job of relating it, with the "dats".

I used to have to drive a half an hour for everything. I hated it, but it kept our spending at a minimum.

It's a girl, named ______ Jennifer Pelo.

Maces Faces said...

Out of the loop!! I think has to be a girl! I am so excited for you! give me a call we have got to get together, we are both in the same position! After reading your comment, I can actually say YES! I totally agree with you!