Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pics of the "new" old house

Many of you have requested pics of our "new" house. You'll notice they are mainly outdoor shots - the inside needs some TLC. We are busy picking out paint colors and mapping out the new kitchen & bathroom. Should be a fun summer :).

This little canning kitchen is right next the house - it's slated to be a kid's playhouse, but is probably on next summer's list.

The back deck.

This little fireplace is in the back corner of the yard. With a little work, we see lots of smores in our future.

View from side yard.

Perfect trees for a hammock.

Lots of boxwoods in need of a trimming.

Front porch.

I really like the old staircase.

More of our huge yard. We've now added riding mower to the list of must have purchases.


swensen clan said...

Glad you made it safely! Looks like a really cool house with an antique feel! Good luck with your new adventure!

House Of P said...

Gorgeous Home!! Can't wait to come for a play date!

Jennifer said...

I think it looks wonderful. After what you did with the Millcreek home there's no worries that you guys will do amazing things there as well.

kto1s said...

What a beautiful house! And a fun new adventure--still missing you guys!

carrie said...


so so so so jealous!

Sue said...

I'm lovin your cute new house! I'm looking forward to pics of the updates you guys do to it. And that yard - can't wait to hear all the adventures Gwen, Noah & Ryan have there.

Even though we miss ya, I'm glad you guys get to enjoy a new adventure. What fun!

Becky said...

What a cute house! I'm glad you survived the cross-country trip. You should complain to Penske and try to get some money back. On day 2 of our move last summer, we realized the truck had no A/C. They ended up giving us $150 back.

Melin said...

what fun! have a great time there...and I am jealous about the Hawaii trip. Painfully jealous. said...

What a great house!!!! It looks like a HUGE yard... your kids will love it.