Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ben's Cookies

If you live in Salt Lake and you've never stopped by Ben's Cookies in the Gateway, you are in for a treat. The Gateway store is the ONLY one in the US of A, Ben evidently is British. We love Ben's cookies and on occasion have introduced our family & friends them. When graduation rolled around, Kim remembered how much Jared loves these cookies and as a graduation gift, his siblings enrolled him in the cookie of the month club. So even in VA we can look forward to a tin of these yummy cookies arriving on our doorstep every month. Unfortunately, Jared will rarely be home over the next year but we've promised to save him a bite or two.


Jennifer said...

I've never been there. I will have to send one to me at the same time I send one to you. What is the list of favorites and the list of no-no's? said...

I have never heard of Ben's Cookies. I will have to try it out next time I'm at the Gateway. Thanks for the idea!