Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pics of the "new" old house

Many of you have requested pics of our "new" house. You'll notice they are mainly outdoor shots - the inside needs some TLC. We are busy picking out paint colors and mapping out the new kitchen & bathroom. Should be a fun summer :).

This little canning kitchen is right next the house - it's slated to be a kid's playhouse, but is probably on next summer's list.

The back deck.

This little fireplace is in the back corner of the yard. With a little work, we see lots of smores in our future.

View from side yard.

Perfect trees for a hammock.

Lots of boxwoods in need of a trimming.

Front porch.

I really like the old staircase.

More of our huge yard. We've now added riding mower to the list of must have purchases.

One more graduation

We are so proud of Christina. We had a great year with her and so excited for her new adventures in Rexburg. Way to go Chris!

Christina and her Dad.

Christina with G'ma Dinie

We made it

This first picture says a lot about our trip. I should have taken a picture with the diesel price listed too - it averaged $4.65 a gallon. J calculated gas costs for both the van and the monster moving truck were about $2000. Ouch.

I drove the mini-van with Christina as co-pilot, two kids in the first row and Josie in her kennel in the back. All the kids took turns riding in the truck with Jared. The Penske was a joy to follow - this was our view for 3 days. I especially liked that it topped out at 70 mph and any incline reduced speeds drastically. Parley's Canyon was probably the worst - 35 mph the whole way.

The kids did all sorts of funny things along the way: peed in their carseats 4 or 5 times, spilled drinks and snacks, threw toys at each other and made a wide array of entertaining noises in order to prevent me from falling asleep. I don't know what I would have done without them. A HUGE thank you to my awesome friends who hooked us up with candy, books and the very best of all - a car bag filled to the brim with awesome coloring books, treats and markers. Thanks to the Jones gang for such a cute bag (I wanted a picture of all the cute hand decorated bag, but I can't find my camera). Here are our fabulous travelers:

A few more highlights:

The AC in the Penske died in Kentucky and so Jared rode the last day with his windows down, catching bugs and enjoying the 100 degree heat and humidity.

Also in Kentucky we happened upon a flock of cicadas that sent my kids (and Christina) into a fit like none I'd ever witnessed before. I'm sure the locals who witnessed the screaming, crying, swatting van load of Utahans were highly entertained. Honestly, I had never seen anything like it - Josie ate like 8 of them in 60 seconds and they were dive bombing us as soon as we opened the van doors.

Ryan was wearing an old pair of khakis one day with a hole in one knee. The boredom got the best of him and by the time arrived at our first rest stop, he had ripped them from the waist band to the hem. With every rip, he let out a very satisfied "Yes!".

The most we can say about this cross country move is that we survived. We promised each other that we would never move our selves like that again.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ben's Cookies

If you live in Salt Lake and you've never stopped by Ben's Cookies in the Gateway, you are in for a treat. The Gateway store is the ONLY one in the US of A, Ben evidently is British. We love Ben's cookies and on occasion have introduced our family & friends them. When graduation rolled around, Kim remembered how much Jared loves these cookies and as a graduation gift, his siblings enrolled him in the cookie of the month club. So even in VA we can look forward to a tin of these yummy cookies arriving on our doorstep every month. Unfortunately, Jared will rarely be home over the next year but we've promised to save him a bite or two.