Tuesday, May 20, 2008


What do I even say?! It would make you too jealous if I went into too much detail (macadamia nut pancakes, perfect weather, yummy seafood, fabulous resort...). It was a great week. So many fun memories with our kids and it was great to have Grandpa & Grandma Pelo along too. Luckily, we made so many great memories, because we didn't take too many great pictures. Our first day Jared accidentally went for a little dip with our brand new camera and it never recovered. Good thing we packed the old one too, but it's not great and we were just too busy having fun to stop and pose for pictures. Here are most of the good ones:

The little spec out in the water is G'pa Dale

What I love in this pic is Ry in the background, just chillin


Jennifer said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only person that puts my kids in life jackets at the beach.

carrie said...

Such cute pictures - but I need MORE DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


traske.melissa said...

ma cheers to finishing med school and havign a wonderful time!! i am glad that my husband isn't the only one who thinks cameras are waterproof. he has gone swimming with both of our cameras...infact the second time was in hawaii. i hope that the packing and selling of the house are going well. keep us posted.

Sue said...

just wanted to say you look super cute in your new swimsuit. :)

glad you guys had fun. BTW it doesn't matter what you say - we are already jealous.

Becky said...

WOW!!! Amazing. It looks like heaven. I was born in Hawaii, but I've never been back!