Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's been awhile. Some highlights from the past couple weeks:

Gwen has lost 2 teeth - her firsts and she is 7 years and 4 months old! She was the last one in her 1st grade class to loose a tooth. She's cute, but she can not take a decent picture to save her soul so you'll have to wait till I can get a good one of the gap.

Jared had his LAST day of school last Friday and we celebrated with lunch out at Macaroni Grill (thanks G'ma Dinie & Aunt Cori for the C'mas gift certificates).

All in one weekend: Christina took a trip to Chicago with her choir group at school, Jared had a field trip to Moab with his wilderness medicine class for a couple nights, and I had a girls weekend in San Diego (see here for good pics and a great description of the fun I had in CA. It was the best weekend - Darcie, you were gorgeous and I loved the girl time. I know I should write my own description but Carrie's was so great I know she won't mind my laziness). Dixie & Ben came down and stayed with the kids for the weekend and we are still hearing about "their best weekend EVER".

We took a fun trip to Arches Monday & Tuesday of this week. Jared deserves some major kudos for planning, packing, and attending to every detail of this trip (he even helped with the post-trip laundry). I was just another kid along for the ride and it was so fun.

Our house is on the market - yuck. We have 5 weeks left! It'll sell any day now, we can just feel it :). We're keeping our eye on some houses in Gordonsville and hoping to have a place to call home when we arrive in June.

Our most exciting news is...9 days till Hawaii!!!!! It snowed today here - need I say more?

Here are some pics of our camping trip:

Goblin Valley

If you look really close you can see Jared with G & N under Delicate Arch

Dad's specialty - roasted crescent rolls, yum.

The hike to Sand Dune Arch



carrie said...

WOW! I can't believe you leave for Hawaii in 9 days. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

The camping trip looks great. Those crescant rolls are calling my name...

Jennifer said...

You're San Diego trip looked like so much fun. You girls all look so young, I would guess you were still all in college. That camping trip does look like so much fun. You guys are the coolest parents.

Sue said...

Your girls weekend sounds DIVINE! Glad you could go & enjoy!
You got better pics than I did on your camping trip! And hey, I thought you didn't make it to Goblin Valley? Were you hiding from us in the GV cave? :) j/k